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Fools Gold For The Frozen Food Industry: Why Procurement Initiatives Aren't Suitable When Choosing A Logistics Partner

There is a growing trend from food sector companies in choosing a logistics partner, which involves suppliers being asked to provide prices and information on services via simplistic online spreadsheets. Recently, ACS&T Logistics MD, Malcolm Johnstone, has called this method of choosing logistics providers into question, arguing that it can often lead to an unsuitable and costly service for companies. He explains the benefits of selecting a logistics supplier based on its services, working practices and additional services:"The rise in procurement initiatives by frozen food companies has been driven by businesses attempting to cut costs. Whereas once, managers who had experience in the workings of logistics programmes were involved in choosing suppliers and services, now, the process is often made by a procurement department. Matching the rise of these procurement initiatives has been the growth of online platforms designed to help with the tendering process.Every company wants to reduce the cost of their...


How A Digital Menu App Can Revolutionize The Dining Experience For Customers

The newest revelation in the food service and hospitality industries are digital menus. These menus are powered by thin tablet computers and enable the display of an interactive and digitized menu variant. The following points will serve to highlight how such innovative approaches to dining truly revolutionize the experience for patrons. Static Menus Are Boring Paper menus have no flare. They use static text descriptions to entice patrons. With a digital menu app, however, now your menus come to life. Previously boring paper menus are gone, and are replaced with high resolution and interactive digital versions. Now patrons can explore an exciting menu that is technologically advanced and far more enticing. Vivid Imagery According to numerous recent studies, pictures of food actually sell more food because they make patrons hungry. Imagine this power translated over to the digital menu app. With high definition pictures of food, customers see what they want to eat before they order it. This method has been s...


Tips On How To Start A Restaurant

Starting a restaurant is not just an exciting and rewarding experience, but also a time consuming and demanding task. Opening a restaurant involves having a unique vision and working within your financial means. The following is a list of helpful tips on how to start a restaurant:Create a Unique Restaurant Concept: The restaurant business is highly competitive so make sure your restaurant is different from the other restaurants in the area. For instance, it may not be a good idea to open a Chinese restaurant in an area that is populated by other Chinese restaurants. It is important to do your research about what type of people frequent the area. For instance, a family orientated area may not be a good area for a high price restaurant.Enlist Consultants: Get some feedback from other restaurant owners. They will be able to offer advice and have support contacts. Professional consultants will help with any management and financial issues that may arise. Hire an architect to design the layout of your restaurant....


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