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Starting A New Restaurant Without Eating Up Profits

Starting a new restaurant can be a daunting prospect. There is a great deal of expense entailed in starting up any business, but that expense is even greater in the food service industry. That's because you have to not only outfit the kitchen and the front of the house, but also hire and pay your staff and purchase food regularly. All of that can add up rather quickly if you're not careful.When it comes to the restaurant business, managing overhead is the name of the game. You need to find any way you can to keep expenses down so that you can turn a profit. This isn't as easy as it sounds, but there are some steps you can take to help yourself along the way. First and foremost is having a game plan going in and sticking with it as closely as possible.The first step in starting a new restaurant, after you acquire a building itself, is outfitting the kitchen and the front of the house. You'll need a full range of kitchen equipment from cook top to warming stations and a walk-in refrigerator and freezer to...


Is It Smart To Look For Used Restaurant Equipment For Sale?

The restaurant business is one that embodies the spirit of competition. Those restaurants that survive and make a name for themselves constitute the few, the lucky, the crafty and the proud. When you walk or drive by a place where a restaurant has closed up and moved out what question do you ask yourself? For me it usually has to do with not even remembering the name of the place.There are locations which, as if by magic, are the home of one failed restaurant after another - so maybe we can blame that. But often it's the food, service, value for the money equation. Unnecessary overhead, especially in the kitchen, their equipment and their employees often shows up in the charges for their meals and not in a good way.Even the restaurants that are the purveyors of delicious food, the providers of raucous fun, and the protectors of family-friendly environments, often do not survive their first month of opening. Because when opening a restaurant, the startup is what can make or break a potential culinary success. ...


Pushplates - If They Are Made Of Copper They Can Prevent Disease

While you may not think of the kitchen hardware your local mom and pop restaurant uses as important to your health, it turns out, it is. Think about the people working in the kitchen. They are working with food items, them coming out into the dining area and interacting with all the customers. Those customers have come into the restaurant from all sorts of places and could well be carrying any number of bacteria on, or in, their person. If they cough or sneeze on their plate and the server picks it up, they have also picked up those germs. Additionally, food borne bacteria like Listeria, that makes 3000 people sick a year, killing about 500 of them, can also be spreading from the kitchen to the tables, and on to the customers as the server picks up food items and moves them around. This only gets compounded when you think of the door that opens and closes from the kitchen to the dining area. Each time someone's hand is on that door, some of the bacteria they may have picked up will be left behind, waiting ...


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